Uniarm-400 is a flexible washing unit for cleaning traffic signs and other installations along the road all year round.

  • Long range, easy to mount, dismount on vehicle.
  • Closed hot water loop for use of the machine in temperatures down to -25°C.
  • Closed anteefreeze system with recycling of anteefreeze liquid.
  • Easy tool change
  • Powerful hot water pressure washer. Capacity 1600 liter of water. Can be expanded.
  • Controled by Danfoss joystick and a tuch screen.
  • Eletric: 12-24VDC.
  • Hydraulics: min. 40l/mnin, 170 bar. Taken from vehicle or installed hydraulic power unit 409.
  • A lot of washing tools exists. Other we make on demand.
  • Weight without water: 2500 kg.
  • Hose reel for manual cleaning.
  • Soap system. (optional)

Standard washing tool.                                          Double washing tool                                            Washing tool with brushes.                                   Tripple washing tool.